Volunteers are needed for race days!

For each and every race that Edelweiss hosts we need many volunteers to perform a number of duties both on the hill and in the lodge.

Each family is requested to volunteer five times during the season so that we have enough coverage for all the positions and can run a safe, fair, well organized and exciting race for all racers.

We use SignUpGenius, expect to see email links to this where you can register to assist. We thank you all and wish you a great ski season.



Join this group to see the discussion, post and comment if you’d like to sell or purchase equipment.


There are no restrictions regarding ski length and radius for NCD-OSZ events. The racer’s physical development, ability and skills must be considered in selecting appropriate and safe equipment.

You may find the following chart from Rossignol helpful when choosing race skis: Rossignol Weight Recommendations


At all events, competitors must wear full hard shell helmets. This is valid for the official training as well as for the race. Helmets must be specifically designed and manufactured for alpine racing and must bear a CE mark and conform to recognized and appropriate standards such as CEE 1077 or US 2040, ASTM F2040, SNELL S98 or RS98, etc.


Maximum boot height – 43mm (distance between the ski boot sole and the base of the heel including all hard and soft parts).


Maximum standing height – 50mm (the distance between the bottom of the ski’s running surface and the ski boot sole).

Nancy Greene, U10 and U12 Clothing

Regular Ski Suits are mandatory.

U14, U16 and U18 Clothing

Downhill and other skinsuits designed for alpine racing are mandatory.

FIS Approved helmetRequiredRequiredRequired
GS SkisNot RecommendedOptionalRecommended
Slalom SkisRecommendedRecommendedRecommended
GS/SL PolesNot RecommendedOptionalRecommended
Team JacketOptionalOptionalOptional
Mouth GuardOptionalRecommendedRecommended
Skin SuitNot AllowedNot AllowedRequired
Chin GuardOptionalRecommendedRecommended
Pole GuardOptionalRecommendedRecommended
Shin GuardOptionalRecommendedRecommended
Back BraceOptionalOptionalOptional